Products & Services

Security envelopes made from polymers

We manufacture security, temper proof envelopes for special applications by banks, cash management companies, passport/visa services, courier services, e-commerce companies etc.

The products are made from Polyethylene based polymers and easily recyclable. Polymer based envelopes help in replacing paper based products which, in turn, involve major deforestation which is a major issue with respect to enviromental sustainability.

Thus, our manufacturing division avoids deforestation and increase carbon capture capacity of environment to avoid global warming. For more details you may visitseparate website at following link.

Energy & emission advisory services

This is our core competence and we handhold our clients to find innovative solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions by planning appropriate energy mix and technologies related to these aspects.

We have done some pioneering work in evolving newer concepts like Ethical Energy Index (EEI)  to understand Carbon Risk of the operations and help in setting targets and monitor progress related to risk reduction.

Further we have been actively pursuing the concept of repowering coal based power plants with gas with a very innovative scheme which will substantially reduce GHG emissions and yet be competitive. Gas has been the focus area of services in energy sector.

Water Recover, recycle and reuse solution (zero liquid dischage solution)

Water is equally important sustainability parameter as is emissions.

In view of this, we have been working on the possibility of water recovery from industrial effluents. We carried out extensive pilot studies, to use the concept of Heat Pump to recover water with very high energy efficiency and hence at affordable cost compared to available solutions at present.

We are in the process of building an industrial scale proto type which would demonstrate commercial feasibility of our solution.

We are ,also, in the process of acquiring necessary IPR for our solution.