water recovery

water our new initiative

We have been working on the concept of “Heat Pump” for energy efficiency related solutions.

While working on this technology, we realized that it can be leveraged to evolve a solution for recovery of purified water from impure water like industrial effluents.

We set up a pilot project to study the technical parameters and mechanical challenges for high temperature heat pump design. We have been working with a few vendors to evolve a suitable design of heat pump for such application. We have finalized the design of such heat pump for commercial application.

The system designed is a unique, containerised, plug and play type system which does not require any other additional infrastructure support except power supply. We believe this will be a very useful and appropriate solution for MSME manufacturing units who have considerable problems in dealing with their effluents and its disposal.

We are currently in the process of installing a commercial size proto type system to establish its techno commercial feasibility. We hope to bring this product in the market in first quarter of 2021.

We have simultaneously applied for getting necessary IPR rights on this system designed by us and hope to get the patent in near future.

This is one more example of our commitment to promote all aspects of environmental sustainability of various economic activities.

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